For someone planning to buy wedding rings, the thought of buying them online might have crossed your mind. Is it possible to buy them online? Yes it’s possible; in fact overall buying diamond rings online is way better and a whole lot cheaper if you know where to buy from. It also gives you a wider selection of rings at the most competitive prices.

You shouldn’t have to feel like you’re paying more than you have to. Consider following these tips and you can be sure to get the best of the best without feeling like you being ripped off.

  • Only buy from a reputable vendor/jeweler

The cost of buying wedding rings (especially if they are diamonds) online would make anyone nervous but it’s a perfectly normal process. However just as there are risks with buying wedding rings from a physical store, it’s the same for online stores. The slight difference with online purchases is that some of these risks can be avoided when you buy from a reputable vendor. Choose to buy from a reputable vendor and there won’t be scenarios of getting scammed into buying a fake stone or receiving nothing at all.

How to spot a reputable vendor/jeweler

  • Verify the certificate

Reputable jewelers care about their image so; chances are you’ll spot a certificate to show that the business is legit. Also, upon visiting their website it won’t have sketchy information about having an online auction. In case you still have doubts after buying wedding rings online, you can take them to an unaffiliated jeweler to check them out.

  • Reputable jewelers insure your shipment

When buying wedding rings online, you send them via FedEx or UPS with tracking, insurance, and a signature is required. This guarantees that if your rings are stolen you don’t lose money.

  • Shipping and return policy

Be sure to check out if the store has shipped and return policies. For example, they can state how many days it will take for you to get the ring and how the order will be shipped i.e. at your doorstep or their warehouse. Most trustworthy vendors offer return policies valid within a certain time after the item has been received. For customers that aren’t satisfied with the rings, a certain period is provided to process the refunds. The wedding rings Dublin website, for example, offers a generous returns policy. 

  • Offer special services

Choose vendors that send in “stand-in” wedding ring options to try on at home before committing to the real ones. They may even allow you to hold onto them for up to 2 weeks until you can purchase the real one. Stand-in rings are also great for people that don’t want to wear the real thing i.e. if they are at a sports game or are traveling.

You can buy wedding rings online from a chain of trusted vendors such as Zales, Etsy, Gemist, Ritani, Kay jewelers, Vrai, Catbird, James Allen, Blue Nile, Katkim, Mociun, Jared, Doyle & Doyle, Forevermark, and others.

  • Evaluate the cut

As your scrolling through a vendor’s wedding ring options online, choose only excellently cut stones. Wondering what a cut is. Say you’re buying wedding rings with diamonds. A diamond-cut means how well a diamond is cut or polished and how well-proportioned the stone is its depth and its symmetry. A well-cut diamond reflects white and colored light to your eyes. It should be able to sparkle. A diamond that’s poorly cut won’t be brilliant, only dull.

  • Look for eye-clean

Zoom into the images of the wedding rings you’ve like to buy. Check if there are any damages or blemishes. If you notice any blemish or damage on the ring, you can expect to see the same once you’ve made an order. 

  • Know your size

The right ring size ensures that the ring fits on your finger properly. If you don’t want to be disappointed when you order a ring that doesn’t fit find out your ring size in advance? An easy way is to check the previous size of your proposal ring and then referring to your partner’s other existing ring. Another option is downloading an online ring size guide that you can print out. Here, you’ll need to use a simple band that can lay flat on the guide. Remember to check for inner diameter, inner circumference, and not the outer edge of the ring.

  • Decide on your carat weight

Not sure what carat diamond to purchase? Even small wedding rings with small diamonds can be elegant and sparkly. It can be a challenge to tell the difference in carat weights as some wedding rings make smaller stones look larger than they are. For a halo setting the ring may cost about $1,000 while a three-stone setting can start from around $1,500. The more the diamonds or gemstones the more the price.

  • Do not rush

The beauty of buying online is that you can shop at your pace. Check out all the available ring options, compare with others, there’s no need to feel rushed. One way to compare wedding rings is by checking out other options from different vendors, i.e. diamond wedding rings from Blue Nile’s website and those from James Allen.

  • Ask an expert

Wedding rings are a big deal and if you’re going to buy them online, you may as well use the advice of an expert. An expert will act as a second eye and tell you everything there is to know about prices, ring sizes, colors, karat weights, and more. That way you can buy wedding rings online confidently.

Final thoughts

Buying wedding rings online is okay and very possible. You only have to take extra caution especially with ring options that are displayed. They may appear bigger than they are making you think the gemstone is big. Have your facts right such as ring size, carat weights, and clean cuts, and make sure to only buy from a reputable vendor. 

In case your facing difficulties in making up your mind, consult an expert, they should be able to help.