Before the Novel Coronavirus-19 shocked the whole world, the deadly Nipah Virus staggered Kerala. With many deaths and atrocities, the tragedy will forever be remembered by Indians.

While the Coronavirus was increasing in momentum in the subcontinent, movie producers, with their utmost dedication, worked on a project to highlight the tragic happenings of the Nipah Virus in Kerala in 2018.

With dedication and coordination, the movie Virus was shot just before the lockdown in just 57 days and was released in June 2019. Initially a Malayalam film, it was later dubbed in Telugu and was released as Nipah Virus.

Written by MuhsinParari, Sharfu, and Suhas and Directed by Aashiq Abu, Virus was a critically acclaimed and commercially successful film on its release. With an ensemble cast giving phenomenal performances to add more emotions to the story, the film starred KunchackoBoban, Tovino Thomas, Asif Ali, Parvathy Thiruvothu, Rahman, Indrajith Sukumaran, Indrans, SoubinShahir, SreenathBhasi, DileeshPothan, Rima Kallingal, Madonna Sebastian, RamyaNambeeshan, Joju George, and Revathi. With the phenomenal cinematography done by Rajeev Ravi and edited by SaijuSreedharan, Nipah Virus should be the new addition to your watch list under virus movies online.

Virus is well-crafted fictional documentation of the various reports on the outbreak, brought into momentum by an ensemble cast with their outstanding performances.

The movie opens with what is later seen as patient zero Zakariya Mohammed, who died in the Government Medical College, Kozhikode. After a series of deaths of the medical staff in the hospital, it alerts health officials and the ministry of health, Kerela. Extensive research on sample tests identifies the cause of so many fatalities to be the ‘Nipah Virus.’

The plot takes momentum from hereon; how the government controls the outbreak and fixes the deadly issue forms most of the plot.

Nipah Virus is an emotional roller coaster with many thrilling elements that will keep the viewers glued to their seats. It is outstanding documentation of what happened and is an education to the masses on the outbreak.

The film is sightly paced slowly in some areas, which revert it from being a nerve-wracking emotional thriller. Excluding the minor drawback, Nipah Virus is a film that you should watch for its phenomenal and emotional performances, cinematography that captured the director’s vision very well, and most importantly, the coordination and dedication of the staff and the film crew.

If you are new to the Telugu film industry or the southern-film industry in general, then fill your mundane lockdown with movies from different regions and genres. Cinema is a profound take on documenting life; it’s emotional, dramatic at times, real, exceptional, and entertaining.

Watch Nipah Virus if you want an emotional view of how any fatal disaster recks a region. There are many Latest movies online that are made well, and Nipah Virus is one of them.