Birthdays for most people in the world are celebrated with a party. A familiar celebration is decorated with beautiful cakes, candles, balloons, and dresses. Birthdays are considered special because they are celebrated only once a year. Especially for a kid, birthdays are the day they are most waiting for their celebrations. Usually, children’s birthday celebrations will be made into small parties by their parents.

Every kid will always wait for his birthday celebration each year. At the party, they not only received a greeting, but there was a cake that was served complete with candles and interesting gifts from their closest people. The purpose of celebrating is to have a memorable experience and can be used as a memory for documentation that can be seen when the kid is a grown-up.

Is your child’s birthday getting closer? And, you are confused about how to pamper a kid for his party? Well, you can follow the series of preparations below.

The first thing you have to do is think about what concept or theme you want to use. Because this celebration is for children, then you have to think about what your little ones like. There are several considerations regarding the concept, such as what concepts and themes are suitable for girls or boys?

You can use themes about animation characters and cartoons they like. If you have a suitable theme, you just have to determine the color that fits the concept and theme you chose. You can choose pastel colors for girls and black or blue colors for boys. The determination of the concept and theme should be done at the beginning before you start to complete the preparations.

When you already know the concept you want to make for your little ones, don’t forget to plan a budget. We recommend that you plan a budget from the beginning or long before the celebration. Make a detailed list of what the needs to find out how much it will cost. Besides, making a list of needs can also be used to find out which budgets can be reduced.

In determining the number of invitations, you must consider several things. Some children may be afraid of meeting strangers or new places. However, some children like to meet many people, especially when they meet children of the same age. So, you need to know the character of your little one when you want to invite guests.

Choosing a venue can be adjusted according to the budget you have. If you have more budget, you can rent a place outdoors to create a comfortable atmosphere and so that your guests do not feel cramped. But if you don’t have more budget then celebrating at home is fine. Then, the timing must also be considered. Never hold during a child’s nap time. Because this will only make the party filled with the cries of sleepy whining children, therefore, it should be held between 14.00 and 17.00.

To create a peaceful atmosphere for a shy kid, it is best to invite the child’s closest relatives and family. Meanwhile, if your little ones are happy to meet lots of new people, besides your family, you can also invite close friends from your parents, especially those who already have children, to be even more fun for them.

After knowing the three things above, you can set up the needs. What are the requirements?

  • Decoration

When you know the concepts and themes to be used, you can prepare what decorations to use. For example, if your child likes Barbie dolls, then you can prepare decorations related to barbie. You can prepare a banner with a barbie doll as a background. Then you can also prepare all kinds of barbie-themed things. Decorations that are usually used are balloons, ribbons, birthday hat, crepe paper, and bunting flags with your child’s name.

  • Birthday Cake

You have to choose a cake according to the theme and concept. For girls who like barbie dolls, you can choose a cake with a barbie doll on it and has a birthday greeting and the child’s name written on it. Or, for boys, you can get a cake decorated with animated characters like Spiderman or Batman. You can give them a box of chocolate bouquets as a substitute for a birthday cake.

To save time you can buy a chocolate bouquet Singapore online. Even now, you can buy cakes online. All you have to do is choose which cake or chocolate bouquet fits the concept and the theme. You can also use the gift delivery Singapore service provided.

  • Invitation

Usually, invitations are in the form of cards. But, instead of spending money on printing paper invitations, you can try using digital invitations. You can send invitations that are sent via email, chat applications, or social media.

  • Food Serving

This food selection must also be considered carefully. Because your kid directs this, the guests may have babies who cannot eat carelessly. Then you can prepare finger foods such as chopped soft fruit and baby biscuits. For kids over four years old, you can provide dishes such as cookies, bread, ice cream, pudding, sandwiches, milkshakes, etc.

Apart from the kid who was present, of course, some relatives usually gathered at the event. Also, prepare food or snacks for siblings and parents who are present to accompany their children. Don’t forget to prepare a drink, if you don’t want to bother you can provide bottled mineral water.

  • Goody Bag

Just provide a bag of cookies decorated with colorful fondant, snacks, drinks, and balloons as a goody bag. If you want to give gifts to the parents, choose toys that are safe for the kid. You can also give storybooks to the parents so that the goodie bag becomes even more useful.

  • Provide a nursing room and a playroom

If you have a higher budget, you should provide a nursing room for guests with babies. But if you have a party at home and want to save money, you can change one room to become a nursing room. Likewise, with the provision of, you can outsmart by providing a table filled with children’s toys. Or if you have more budget and have an outdoor party, you can provide games such as slides, seesaw, or swing. Photo Booth is also a must to be provided as a means of taking pictures for guests.

  • Clothes

The clothes are most important for children’s birthday celebrations, especially girls who like beautiful dresses. You can give a beautiful dress for your child’s birthday and make it a princess for a day.

After you prepare the needs above, you can immediately set up a party at least three days before the celebration. It’s a good idea to ask for help from your close family so that preparations can be completed faster and maximally. Don’t forget to prepare the event guide so that it goes more according to plan. If you don’t have the time and don’t want the hassle of preparing a party, you can pay for event organizer services.