The heating bills are the biggest concern for most homeowners. That’s why; they are switching to the heat pumps that save your money. The home heating system is usually powered by a propane electric furnace. 

Entry of energy-efficient heat pumps

The heat pumps have the ability to generate 8-9 BTUs. Hence, they work in both warm and cold climates. But, work better when you have a certain kind of backup heating source. 

Working of heat pumps

Heat pumps are known to operate in principle similar to a fridge. The present refrigerant flows through the connected outdoor and indoor coils. In a heating mode, the liquid refrigerant starts flowing into the outdoor coils and then passes to an expansion valve. This results in creating rapid expansion of liquid turning into gas. Thus, there is rapid cooling of refrigerants. When it flows to the indoor coils it passed through the compressor where the gas gets compressed while increasing pressure and temperature. 

Is a heat pump is the right choice for me?

When you are about to replace the furnace or air conditioner, you should always think about the heat pump. Every home is different and hence, the requirement of a heat pump is also different. The experts always suggested calling professionals for the system repair when there is any problem with the heating system. 

The heat pumps can really save your money and lower the heating bill as well. According to an analysis, the customers using electric resistance heating helps you in monthly saving heat pumps are known to be three times efficient as compared to the electric resistance heating, which means it can lower down the heating consumption. 

With time, you might also face difficulty with the heat pumps. In such a scenario, it is better to call the professionals like Wolfers Heating. They are proficient in their work when you are facing problems with heating up the house. We are always ready to help you and offer services at cost-effective prices.