Have you been accused of violent crimes? Rest assured that being accused of violent crimes does not imply that you have committed it. Most of the time, individuals have been brought to court trials with little or no justified reason. The job of the new jersey murder & violent crimes lawyer would be to ensure that their clients have been treated with discretion and respect. A trustworthy and competent criminal lawyer could assist you fight the case before it goes to the court. Rest assured that court trials could be relatively messy, time-consuming, convoluted, and hamper to your reputation. 

You could save from the social stigma and stress if your defense lawyer could assist in proving the soundness of your defense early on. It would be possible through a pre-file investigation. The criminal defense attorney represents you in the early stage of the criminal process, before the filing of the formal charges against you by the prosecutor. At this stage, the attorney would make the most of the different resources to gain evidence and information to support your defense. The violent crimes lawyer would look up on police investigations, consult the psychological experts, forensic investigators, polygraph testers, internet or computer experts. They would also get in touch with the requisite authorities to gather evidence for your defense. 

The aim would be to prevent the criminal complaint from being filed and brought to the court of law. The foremost way to gain it would be through the defense attorney enhance the credibility of the client or discrediting the accusation of the victim. The credibility of the client would be enhanced by disclosing the reference letters from reputed people in the region. The defense attorney could introduce witnesses to question the overall reputation and the truth of the accusations made by the victim.