Florist in Singapore is a fusion of two trains of feelings; passion for flowers and bring a spring of joy and happiness to patrons by delivering fresh, pristine to them or their loved ones. There may be competition among florists, but each maintains its integrity by providing the best at an affordable price. One of the most significant concerns of florists is to send the bouquet in time, in original condition, to the customers. Though there are many florists, it isn’t easy to find one who delivers fresh flowers within the deadline and at an affordable price. You can place your order online, choosing the most stunning, beautiful flowers from the comprehensive catalog they provide.

You can add life and verve into space in the office and home by decorating floral arrangements according to your taste. The floral arrangement transforms the ambiance and appearance of the room bringing in cheerfulness and joie de vivre. You can adorn the place with a single type of flower and arrangement or combination of more. You can change the theme according to your mood and emotions or tone it up in a festive, joyous season.

Hand-tied bouquets

The receiver of this bouquet must be very dear to your heart, as the florist needs extra care and time to design and arrange the flowers. Once the design is selected, the stems are bound together, exemplifying the loving bond between you and the receiver. The bouquet branch should be lengthy adequately so that a ribbon can be tied to make it a hand-tied bouquet. Sometimes the florist makes it more mesmerizing and enchanting by arranging different varieties of flowers around a center focal blossom.

Presentation bouquet

A presentation or pageant bouquet is an ideal gift to a winner in any competition. You must have watched the glamorous, beautiful miss universe holding such a floral arrangement with a smile on her face. But now a day this floral arrangement is common in wedding receptions. This bouquet can be simple and elegant or lavish and ornamental for grand, ceremonial occasions.

Box bouquet

In this style, flowers are arranged artistically in a box. This genre of bouquet stays lively and vibrant for a considerable period as there is floral foam at the bottom of the bouquet to keep the flowers hydrated. On the floral foam, the florist creates his canvas by arranging the flowers in the most creative, artistic fashion.