When you file a claim against a commercial trucking company, you often go up against a big team of lawyers and an insurance giant. This team will put the blame on you and try to lessen the amount of compensation you will get.

If you have been involved in an accident involving a commercial truck, you must see a houston truck accident attorney immediately. Accidents that involve this kind of vehicle are catastrophic given its size. Aside from facing high medical costs, you could be left permanently disabled and unable to work. A good lawyer knows the strategies the trucking companies and their insurance companies use. Often, insurance companies are more willing to negotiate a settlement if you have legal representation.

What Trucking Companies Do to Fight Insurance Claims

Trucking companies will not admit they were at fault to avoid paying maximum compensation. Also, their lawyers will not let them admit fault. Their legal team will work towards preserving assets, which means offering you as little compensation as possible. Here’s what the trucking company do to fight your claim:

  • Dispute evidence. To avoid paying compensation, the trucking company will argue the evidence presented does not prove there were at fault. You need to show strong evidence to prove the accident and your injuries were caused by the defendant.
  • Argue that you are partially at fault. Texas is a modified comparative fault state. If you seek compensation for an injury caused by a truck accident, you need to prove the other driver is at fault. If you are at fault, your recovery is reduced by your percentage of fault. You will be barred from getting any compensation under this rule if you bear at least 51% of the fault. That is why trucking companies will try to put blame on you.
  • Claim that you seek compensation for your previous injuries. You must notify your lawyer if you have pre-existing injuries or conditions that the defense team may use against you in court. Your lawyer will look for medical evidence that shows the new accident irritated an old injury or that it aggravated a pre-existing condition.

Start Your Defense with the Right Lawyer

To defend yourself against the tactics that trucking companies use, hire an experienced lawyer. The sooner you hire a lawyer, the faster the process becomes. Your attorney can gather the right evidence to fuse the other party’s defense strategies.