If you don’t have enough space for a large container water garden, fill a few smaller wholesale nursery pots with aquatic plants. These plants are more mysterious than traditional potted plants because they are placed in container water gardens. Aquatic gardens have a significant advantage in that they require very little maintenance. When you go on vacation or a business trip, you no longer have to rely on your neighbors to water your gardens. Add a sprouting ornament for the kids to really delight them.

Container water gardens are inexpensive and simple to construct. A plastic container that is 18 to 20 inches wide and at least 7 to 8 inches deep is required for the small container water garden. A small submersible pump, plants, clean kitty litter, small pebbles or pea gravel, clear plastic tubing, a spouting ornament, and a nylon stocking to cover the pump are also required. Covering the pump is necessary to prevent kitty litter or other debris from being sucked into it. All of these items are readily available at your local nursery or even online.

Plant it in two tiers to add depth to your small container water garden. This allows you to plant aquatic lilies on the deep side of the container while planting those that prefer shallower water on the opposite side. A partition, which can be anything from a board to bricks, must be placed between the two sides of the wholesale nursery pot.

First, if you’re using a sprouting ornament, drill a hole in the container’s rim and insert the ornament. Then, on the bottom of the pot, place the soil from the lilies or other deep-water aquatic plants. Then, make a floor for the plants by pouring in the kitty litter. Pour pea gravel over the kitty litter to keep the garden looking nice and the soil on the bottom of the container. Make sure to rinse it thoroughly before adding pea gravel to your garden.

The pump should then be placed in the wholesale nursery pot. As previously stated, it is critical that you cover the pump with a nylon stocking to prevent kitty litter and pebbles from being sucked into it. Check the pump pressure ahead of time and make any necessary adjustments. Allow the water you intend to use to sit for a few days. This allows the chlorine to dissipate and the temperature to stabilize for your aquatic plants. You’ll need two things now: a brightly lit area and an electrical outlet for the pump. Place your small container water garden in the desired location. Congratulations on completing your first small container water garden.

As previously stated, maintaining your container water garden is simple. You may need to remove some algae or a dead leaf or two from time to time. The plants’ root systems will absorb most of the decaying matter, but if the water begins to look murky, remove the plants and clean and rinse the container. If your water garden is not in a screened-in area, you will need to purchase a “Mosquito Dunk.” It is very cheap and will kill mosquito larvae during the summer. It is not harmful to animals, humans, or plants.

Small container water gardens cannot accommodate fish, but you could consider a few guppies or snails to help keep the container clean. You’ve got it now. Water gardening in small containers is a simple and enjoyable project. Carry out your research, gather your materials, plant your container water garden, and relax.