Winters call for extra care for your French bulldogs. It is very important for you to ensure that your dogs are safe and healthy. However, no one can stop a dog from falling ill. But what One can surely do is to ensure that they go to the doctor at the correct time. It is very important for the Frenchie dogs to be taken for a checkup so that they can be away from all kinds of colds and diseases. There are some points that might help the owners to understand whether the Frenchie has caught a cold or not.

Refuses to go for a walk

If your Frenchie refuses to go out for a walk, start suspecting. The French Bulldog Love to go out for long walks with their owners. But if they refused to go out all of a sudden that means they are not feeling well. The immediate step that you should be taking as an owner is to make them bring lots of water. However, it is very important for you to ensure that the water that you are making your frenchie dog drink is not cold. After you have had them the water immediately call the vet and wrap them up with warm clothes.

Pulls up all the blanket

If you are a new French bulldog owner, it is very important for you to understand the symptoms to understand that your Frenchie is sick or has caught a cold. What many Frenchie dog owners don’t get is that when their dogs are making a best or pulling out all the blankets to hurry themselves inside, is that they have caught a cold and needs immediate attention. Do not miss out on these points when you are clueless about why your dog is acting strange. This will help you to keep your buddy warm and comfortable.


When your Frenchie dog is being lethargic do not take them to be a lazy dog. This might be that they are not feeling well. When your dog shows continuous signs of lethargy do check that the temperature and give them a good hot water bath. Make them sleep and drink lots of water. Once you have taken these initial steps call for the word and let him do a thorough check-up of your dog. After the doctor has checked the temperature of the dog and given you the prescribed medicines, make it a point to make them feed these medicines on time.