Activities like playing outdoors can boost your child’s immunity and maintain balanced health. A playful child is a healthy child- as the saying suggests, most of the development a child goes through is when they are little, and playing outside not only keeps them active but also provides them with the ground to socialize with other kids. The increasing population, buildings, malls, transportations, and factories have lead to a decrease in the number of safe outdoor playgrounds for children. Children are more interested in spending time playing with electronics devices such as mobiles and computers rather than going outside and socialize and play. So here are 6 reasons why children need to have outdoor playgrounds to spend time.

  • Health benefits: Making and acquiring Vitamin D has to be one of the main and primary reasons for children to play outside as the sun is the most reliable source of Vitamin D. This helps the child’s body to absorb and retain calcium and phosphorous, both of which are critical for building bones. 
  • Staying fit: Going outside to play is one of the best ways to stay fit and active as this encourages them to take part in games that require physical movements, helping their immune system to grow. 
  • Socialization: Apart from health-related benefits, a child should also learn to socialize with the outside world. When a child is out there playing with his friends or kids they have just met, they will learn to communicate, work together, and determine what is good for them. Human interactions can teach you many things and children befriending each other only make them understand how the world works.
  • Risk-taking: This may make some parents anxious, but children need to face risks in their life. If they are kept in bubbles and never allowed to take any risks, then they might not get to know what they can do. Taking risks will eventually make them more confident and brave and ready to face any challenges that come ahead. 
  • Understanding nature: If a child grows up without ever walking through the woods, swimming in lakes, watching animals in their natural habitats, and caring for their plants, they may never understand the harsh reality of slowly losing all these that we have now. 

Considering the infinite benefits of playgrounds for children, Inspire Play Inc provides you with high-quality grade outdoor playing equipment for your playground.