In the modern business environment, streamlined inventory control is one of the key drivers of business success. Monitoring stocks, and sales and keeping records can be quite challenging tasks that require a lot of time and effort. This is where inventory management software (โปรแกรมสต๊อกสินค้า, which is the term in Thai) is helpful.

Keep reading to learn five inventory management software that’ll help you to change the way you do business.

1.  Page365

Page 365 is an all-in-one solution for web-based businesses. It has a solid stock management system that can also handle order processing and product creation. You can integrate this software with other commonly used platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram and others, to conduct smooth communication with customers and orders. The integrated shopping cart feature also facilitates business, as it instantly updates the inventory after a sale.

2.  Shopkeeper

Shopkeeper is specially developed for small online selling businesses and stands out with impressive product management and pre-ordering features. Its user interface allows users to see the total monthly sales, open bills and some of the most popular selling items. You can easily organise your products and keep a record of inventories so that you never have to worry about stockouts.

3.  Daily Sales Record

Daily Sales Record is an excellent CRM, POS and inventory tracking solution. The features of this software include prospect record management, stock management and product categorization. This inventory management software can also help you generate sales as well as inventory reports while you check stock (เช็คสต๊อก สินค้า, which is the term in Thai).

4.  Checkstockpro

Through easy-to-use features such as the bar code scanning facility, CheckStockPro makes the work of managing stocks easier. This software can be accessed through the web or mobile version and enables you to monitor the stocks, produce reports and control several warehouses at once simultaneously with the CheckStockPro Cloud solution.

5.  Mystore

MYSTORE is an advanced app for inventory management that is suitable for stores with a large number of transactions, both online and offline. Perhaps the most useful feature is the fact that the software can create unique barcodes for products that do not yet have them. With MYSTORE, you can add products with no difficulty, monitor sales, work with pre-orders and control income and expenses.

To conclude, both the quantitative and qualitative aspects of inventory management are critical for the growth and profitability of a business. With the help of the right inventory management software, it is possible to make your work easier, reduce theft and get a good understanding of your sales and stock performance. Regardless of whether you are a beginner selling products online or a large business, the above-mentioned five software solutions help you manage inventory.

So, it is worth devoting time and effort to search for the software that meets your needs specifically and see how your business benefits from enhanced inventory management.