When it comes to skincare, there are a lot of myths and misconceptions out there. One of the most common debates is micellar water vs. toner. People often wonder what the difference is and if they both serve the same purpose. In this blog post, we will break down the real difference between micellar water and toners – and why you need both in your skincare routine!

The Real Difference Between Micellar Water and a Toner

Micellar water is a type of cleansing water that contains tiny micelles or cleansing agents. These micelles are attracted to dirt and oil and help to lift them away from the skin. Micellar water can be used as a makeup remover, facial cleanser, and even a body wash. An excellent quality micellar cleanser is also gentle and effective and can be used on all skin types.

Toners, on the other hand, are designed to remove excess oil, dirt, and makeup that your cleanser may have missed. They help to restore the skin’s pH balance and prep the skin for the rest of your skincare routine. Toners also help to tighten pores and can even out your skin tone. Plus, they can help to control excess oil production – making them a great option for those with oily or combination skin.

Why do You Need Both in Your Skincare Routine?

Micellar water is a great first step in your cleansing routine as it helps to remove dirt, oil, and makeup. But it’s important to follow up with a toner to make sure that all the impurities are removed from your skin. Toners clean the skin and prep it for the rest of your regime – and they can even help to improve the effectiveness of your other products. So, if you’re debating whether or not to add a toner to your routine, the answer is – yes! You definitely need both micellar water and toner in your skincare arsenal.

The Bottom Line

Now you know the real difference between micellar water and toner. So, don’t forget to add both of these products to your skincare products! Trust us, your skin will thank you for it.