Ludo supreme gold hack

Ludo supreme gold is a board game that has been played for generations in India. Though there is a modern version of the game, you can play it online on a platform like GetMega. The online game still follows the same rules that apply to the traditional game. With the online version of the game, you can play against a computer or a friend. Also, the game allows multiplayer from different parts of the world to participate in a tournament.

If you have been looking to win this game, you may consider looking at the hack that the post shares to improve your game and forget about losing the game. Though the game is simple, you will need some hacks if you want to win. With this post, you will explore the fun and easy Ludo supreme golden hack that you can use and win the game.

Here are some of the Ludo supreme gold hacks:

Killing your enemies

It is one of the best Ludo supreme golden hacks you need to master. When playing the game, do not wait; you have to kill your opponent’s pieces as soon as you start playing. Remember killing the opponent early in the game will increase the chance of winning the game. To increase the likelihood of killing your opponent piece, you should make sure you have your tokens on the game board and play aggressively from the beginning. Once you get the chance to kill the opponent, you will immediately come home the first one and win the Ludo king golden game.

Throwing timings

There is a difference between the traditional board game and online games on a platform like GetMega. One of the differences in the throwing; therefore, timing in the game is a crucial factor to consider if you want to win the game. Consequently, you have to change your throw timings by including a space in-between. This best Ludo supreme golden hack will help you have better rolls and get the pieces moving.

Spread your pieces across the game board

Spreading your pieces across the game board is another Ludo supreme golden hack that you have to put into action. Playing the game and stacking all your pieces on one side, and concentrating on a few of them is a bad idea. Especially when you are playing a multiplayer Ludo supreme golden multiplayer, you should spread your pieces or move all your pieces across the game board. One important thing to consider when moving your pieces is to ensure opponents’ pieces do not block them because you might be killed easily.

This hack will help distract your opponent’s focus because your soldiers will be on different sections. Therefore avoid having all of your pieces in one spot because it gives a high chance for your opponent to kill your pieces. It is a helpful trick to win the game to be more updated with more hacks and apply them; you can visit GetMega and have fun and win the game easily.

Playing approach

Before starting the game, you have to decide if you will play using an offensive or defensive approach. Once you know your strategy, it’s time to open all your tokens from the beginning of the game. You will have to make the moves as fast as possible. It will help you because your opponent will not catch up with your momentum. Remember that the game is like a game of luck, but if you put this Ludo supreme golden hack, you can find that your odds of winning are increased.

Claiming free coins rewards daily.

Claiming free coins rewards daily is one of the best Ludo supreme golden hacks that many players do not know. These coins enable you to connect with other players. Here sometimes, you will not have to use real cash so that you can play the game. Also, the free coins will help you not bother yourself about the game’s cheat code.


The above are some of the Ludo supreme golden hacks that you can use and increase the chance of winning or even forget about losing the game again. You can experiment with the hacks with the gameplay on Getmega and make sure you perfect your skills. If you are serious and want to make money, you can also utilize the opportunity because you have the trick to win the game.