Few would deny that 2020 sucked. The global pandemic forced us to stay indoors, stop socializing with our friends and family, and put a pause on all of our plans. The truth is that the vaccine rollout across the United States has begun changing things, but we’re still wearing masks and washing our hands much more than we used to. If you’re used to traveling to experience new countries but are worried you won’t be able to this year, we’ve put together some tips to ensure you can still enjoy vacations and feel like you’re abroad…

Meet up with loved ones

Perhaps one of the easiest ways that you can make the most of this year is to travel to see friends and family that you’ve been missing. You’ll still need to comply with legislation in your states, such as social distancing and curfews, but with cases falling, now is a great time to catch up with loved ones and make some memories. We’re talking trips, sleepovers, and barbecues in the sun. Make the most of spending time together; the location doesn’t matter.

Watch travel documentaries

If you’re craving a visit to Europe but don’t feel safe enough to do so just yet, head to Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime and fill your boots with some travel and tourism documentaries. After an hour or two, you’ll feel like you’ve just been in Paris and Milan, and you can write down new destinations to add to your travel list when things open up properly. To get a real feel for travel in other locations, watch something like Dark Tourist by David Farrier – it’s oh-so-fun!

Buy foreign gifts and food

Another way to feel like you’re off on an adventure in a faraway land is to buy foreign gifts and food from some of your favorite foreign destinations. whether you subscribe to a box that sends you food from different countries every month, or you seek out souvenirs from websites that sell made in Ireland gifts, for example, there are so many options to consider, and half of the excitement is knowing that you have a new gift coming in the mail any day.

Go on a staycation to explore a new city

Who said you had to travel abroad to make the most of the summer? We live in one of the most beautiful countries in the world, so pack your trunk and head off on an adventure in another town or city to see what life’s like. Whether you’re looking for something to keep the kids entertained (Disney World) or you’re you fancy a trip to Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon, or Yosemite, there’s so much to see and do; tick a few of the hard-hitters off your bucket list.

Plan adventures for 2022 and beyond

Finally, remember that whilst we’re not quite out of the woods just yet, we’re certainly making some great progress and the future looks bright. Think about where you want to travel to next, watch some YouTube videos to give you some food for thought, and start booking your flights and accommodation. Sure, you’ll be waiting a year or so, but it’ll give you something to look forward to and help you stay focused on the better days that are ahead. Not long now.

Do you have any tips? Let us know in the comments and check back soon for more advice.