Gondola racks come in a variety of types and shop owners can choose any kind of this racking system according to the needs of their business. In addition, people especially retailers have different choices when it comes to buying Gondola racks for their business. This is the reason they come in several shapes, colors, heights, and widths so that people can choose the best one for their store.

In addition, gondola racks provide great benefits to retailers enhanced the visibility of the products, great customer engagement, boost flexibility, and many more. Today, every business especially retailers must have Gondola Racks Malaysia in their store as it is a modern and idle way to attract customers and provide them great convenience.

Wall Gondola

A wall gondola or single-sided gondola is either one unit or a line of various units that are fixed firmly together and arranged flush against the wall. In addition, the unit is usually made of metal with horizontal grooves for shelves. The base of the wall gondola shelves is very strong that ensures shop owners that they can easily display their products on this specific kind of gondola rack.

The main aim to design wall gondola shelves is to be mounted on the stores’ walls. These racks are generally utilized to display goods that complement the major display in the shop. Single-sided gondola racks are specially designed to be placed against vertical surfaces like a wall and their shelves are front-facing to the customers.

In simple words, these particular rocks are single-sided, meaning you can’t display products on both sides and arrange them against the wall of the store. Further, single is a perfect choice for shop owners with smaller spaces in the store so that they can organize the products in a good manner.

Pegboard Gondola Rocks

Pegboard gondola racks come with several pegs or hooks that can be used to display products with hanging packaging, such as:

  • Bags
  • Boxes
  • Blister

In addition, these racks are ideal for displaying small or lightweight products that can be challenging to keep on traditional shelving.

Double-Sided Gondola Racks

As the name suggests double-sided gondola racks are that products can be displayed on both sides. In other words, shop owners can keep the goods on both sides of this particular type of rack. It is advisable that arrange these racks in the center of the shop so that customers can navigate both sides in order to see the product. In addition, you will find double-sided gondola Warehouse Racking System Malaysia generally in larger and bigger retail shops with huge spaces as they offer maximum product accessibility and visibility.

Final Words

Knowing about various kinds of gondola racks is crucial for people, especially retailers. The reason is that folks can simply determine the right gondola rack after analyzing several things if they know its different types. Moreover, shop owners choose the perfect type of gondola racks according to their shop space as well as their needs.