Luxury dining out or bar hopping is what we definitely can gift us after the end of a tiring weekend. An expensive glass of champagne with fancy food in a serene ambiance might not always happen so often and hence did dive bars evolve. What we happen to miss most is sitting out with friends and enjoying cheap beer and food with the heartiest conversations and the dive bars are just going to offer you that. Here is how our dive bar is going to give you the best-in-class experience with quality food and amazement.

Cheap drinks

Cheap beer is what is the identity of a real dive bar and here is where you will not be compromised on the beer quality. You will not be asking questions on the back of your mind if you spent a lot on drinking over the weekend. And not only beer but other drinks will also help your pocket stay safe throughout.

Affordable food

Bar snacks and finger foods are always a bonus when visiting a dive bar and the best ones do not disappoint you. With most of the diver bars have to offer only bar snacks, the real ones come with real food. You might enjoy sitting around a rotating grill measuring the length of the sausages you received. Amazing dive bars also give you free hotdogs with every drink you order.

Indescribable smell

This smell of a dive bar cannot be explained but it is what lingers in your senses for long. The bar’s age and the greasy fries make it up to be an eclectic experience that no luxury spots can match. And every time you are meeting your friends, dive bars are going to be your rescue.

Honest mottos

The mottos in the dive bars are what is going to steal your hearts. The bars build connections with you with the help of these mottos. Some of them are pretty witty while some motivate your drunk souls. Do not miss out to watch for these mottos.

Great history

Dive bars are full of history and no matter where you go, you will always be covered in their rich and luxurious past. This is what makes these places get so much love and affection from.

Mad Hatters dive bar is one such place in Montreal where you will get a real dive bar feel. Hanging out with your buddies has gotten better now.