We all know that women have different needs when it comes to gear than men, that’s why we go out of our way to make sure we cover both male and female riders. In this blog article, we look at how machine learning is changing the industry by automating the process of testing gear according to gender. undefined

The Mountain Bike Testers

Mountain Bike Testers is a company that makes mountain bikes and mountain bike accessories for women. They are a company that knows what women need for the ride. Women should not be overlooked when they are would like to purchase a mountain bike. Women need to look at the gears, size of the frame, and suspension of the bike before making a purchase. Mountain bike testers know what women need. They have unique needs, bike frames with shorter geometries and sizing. In reviews, the testers will highlight important features for women like the frame size and geometry of the bike. Additionally, they point out the frame material and tire widths that work best for woman riders. The  best women’s mountain bike under $500 reviews are a great way to find out what a specific bike will be like for women. Cycling is such an important part of our lives that it can play an important role in how we feel and perform. That is why bike manufacturers need to produce bikes that women will enjoy, as well as safe and comfortable.

Women on the rise

Women are the fastest growing segment of the mountain bike market. They’re also most likely to buy their own bikes, and more likely than men to purchase a new bike. Women typically find the average man’s bike to be too heavy for them, leading to a disconnect between design and purpose. According to the Mountain Bike Testers, women are in a transition phase. Traditionally, women on the trail have been seen as the “pack mule,” but they can easily outpace their male counterparts on the trails. As women’s athleticism has increased, so too has the need for better equipment like suspension forks and other parts that are lighter and stiffer for female riders to control their speed and ride more comfortably. Manufacturers have taken note of this growing market and are making products specially designed for women with different needs in mind.