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Mount Airy is often known as Mayberry. It is known as Mayebrry because of the famous show starring Andy Griffith. It is a town with a mix of historic sites, culture, and the modern world. The city offers landmark richness and various activities for visitors. Mount Airy has something to offer to every visitor. 

From history to outdoor activities, the city has it all. The town also hosts different festivals and events each year. Enrich your experience and get yourself a lasting memory of the place. If the sheer beauty of the city makes you want to reside in the place, you can check out the homes for sale in Mount Airy.

Top 5 spots in Mount Airy

  • Pilot Mountain State Park is where you can view natural beauty. 

To get to the park, you need to take a little ride from Mount Airy. Once you get there, you will surely not regret taking the time out to visit the park. You can engage in many different outdoor activities at the park. For instance, rock climbing, hiking, etc, are some of the many activities that one can try. 

Moreover, if someone loves to capture natural beauty, they can definitely make the most of their time spent in the park.  You can view different wildlife as well. 

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  • Explore charming shops at Historic Downtown Mount Airy!  

Filled with historic charm, the downtown area of Mount Airy provides the feel of the past. Being in the modern era is cool, but visiting places that take you back in time has a whole different level of satisfaction and fun. Some people will narrate to you the parts of history where you get to know so many things about the rich culture and past of the city.

You can visit the city’s old jail and dive into different boutique shops and restaurants. It has a highly nostalgic atmosphere with iconic sites and other historic buildings. You can also try the local cuisines and explore the cafes. Make your experience a delightful one by exploring the antiques of the downtown.

  • The Museum of Regional History is filled with antiques. 

The museum is located in a historic building, enhancing its charm. You can get an insight into how the charming town of Mount Airy evolved. Many displays speak the history of the place.

  • Be a part of the annual Mayberry Days Festival. 

Mayberry Days Festival is conducted in September every year. You can have a fun experience by participating in different contests, such as trivia contests. The festival offers comedy shows, live music, and many more exciting activities for the visitors. Make your visit to the charming town count.

  • If you are a fan of the iconic show, you must visit The Andy Griffith Museum!

The museum has the costumes of the actor, different props, and his items from the show. As the actor and his show is quite famous among people, the museum is filled with his life history. Moreover, you can delve deeper into the rich history of the show.

The museum has an impressive amount of Andy Griffith souvenirs, including pieces from “The Andy Griffith Show” and “Matlock.” If you are a fan, this place is a treasury for you. Visitors can look at the exact police car used in the show, which has been properly kept. The museum has interactive displays that let viewers fully immerse themselves in the world of Mayberry.

Guided tours are provided to all the tourists, which provide detailed information on Andy Griffith’s life and career. The gift shop sells unique souvenirs and items relating to the show and Andy Griffith’s legacy. You can literally take pieces of this legacy home. The museum frequently offers special events and screenings of episodes of “The Andy Griffith Show.”