For years ipl hair removal was creating a buzz among salon going community. But with time, the whisper is more pronounced. With IPL technology, you can remove unwanted body hair, leaving your silken and smooth for weeks. IPL is the latest and innovative solution for hair removal. The device generates gentle pulses targeting the hair follicle. Subsequently, the hair root weakens and falls, and after repeated treatment, the body grows less hair in that area. After four sittings of ipl Singapore hair removal, you enjoy the luxury and opulence of hair-free contour.

If you want a smooth, hair-free body, you have to consistent. It is not a magical device that, once you use it, has the benefit of a lifetime. The hair follicle grows with time, and you need the zapping of the laser light every four weeks to derive maximum benefit. The melanin; pigmentation on hairs absorb the laser light stimulating the telogen (rest) phase, followed by the exogen (shedding) point. This makes your skin silkily smooth and hair-free.

The process is gradual

The process is gradual, do not expect instant results. After few sessions, the effect may not be that obvious. But after three months, you see a noticeable difference, as most of your body hair ceases to grow. You will need less hair removal treatment in the bikini area, underarm, legs. Usually, to remove hair from your legs, around twenty minutes is required; as for the underarm and bikini area, much less time is required if you prefer. The laser weakens the regeneration of hair through synchronization of gel and laser.

Safe and effective

Shave two-three days before you have an appointment with your beautician, your body hair must be less than five mm to get optimum result from IPL (Intense Pulsed Light). The technician adjusts the non-coherent light wavelength from 400nm to 1200nm depending on the skin condition, hair quantity, volume, and density of the customer. After the laser treatment, the treated area is cleaned, and the technician applies specially prepared gel with hair growth reducing compounds.

A pair of goggles is provided to shield your eyes from the glare of laser during the hair removal process. The gel is removed; a wet pad is applied in the treated area to soothe the skin. A moisturizing lotion is applied in the area to keep the skin hydrated and smooth. Taking a hot bath, sauna, alcohol consumption, and strenuous workouts are not advised by dermatologists for twelve hours after the treatment.