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Many people are still confused why bettors keep on betting even after they lost a lot. Several bettors [recreational] don’t mind losing and wager for entertainment. They feel it is the price they are paying for having fun. It doesn’t mean recreational wagers don’t desire to win. However, for winning there is a need to invest a lot of effort and time in sharpening the betting skills.

Leisure bettors want to win but don’t want to spend their time and effort in preparing for the win. Even if leisure bettors have in-depth knowledge about football matches the chances that they will predict the game outcome accurately is overconfidence. Usually, they will be wrong!

Recreational bettors can learn handicapping basics and enhance their betting results rather than depending on their football knowledge. If you desire to get familiar with football handicapping strategy before you enter the Betufa sports betting platform then this post is for you.

Handicapping is not just predicting the game outcome but the main aim is to accurately assess the possible result in a specific situation.

How to use handicap in football?

Handicapping is an art, where you need to follow some rules. Systems have inflexible rules that work but have their limitations. Trial and error are needed to learn how to use handicap in football. Handicapping can be divided into two categories

  • Technical handicapping
  • Fundamental handicapping

Some bettors combine both the techniques and wager. There is no right or wrong way of using the technique. You need to find a way that works for you. Other handicapping techniques are situational handicapping, trend handicapping, and statistical handicapping.

The aim of the handicapping technique is to make an assessment of the possibility of potential game results. The technique is chosen and how you are employed will affect your betting outcome.