5. Stanmore

You will find Stanmore in the London Borough of Harrow. This is in Greater London approximately 11 miles from Charing Cross. This is on the outer fringes of the urban area not far from Stanmore Hill which is one of the highest points in London. Stanmore is located in the ancient Middlesex parish which is in Great Stanmore. However, Cannons house is in little Stanmore where it has been constructed by the 1st Duke of Chandos. This is a popular town with many lovely properties which can cost as much as 4.8 million pounds even if you are a cash buyer for property.

4. Newgate Street village

Not far from Cuffley in Hatfield civil parish is Newgate Street village which is located in the Welwyn Hatfield district. Newgate Street village is approximately 6 miles from Hertford with a population of around 500. This beautiful village has an Anglican church and there is also the popular The Gables restaurant as well as Ponsbourne’s St. Mary’s school. There are also two popular pubs namely The Coach and Horses and The Crown and there is also the Ponsbourne Park Hotel. Newgate Street village also have two outdoor tennis courts and a small town hall. How can I sell my property quickly, we are often asked. Well not so quickly here as properties sell for about 4.85 million pounds.

3. Buntingford

The market town of Buntingford is in the district of East Hertfordshire. It is located near the River Rib. Because of its excellent position it started out as a staging post where there was a large number of coaching inns. In Buntingford there is also The Cage which is a18th-century one-cell prison. Approximately 6000 people are living in Buntingford many of which attend the annual firework display which is taking place at The Bury and is an event which is sponsored by the Buntingford Town Football Club. Buntingford is the smallest town inHertfordshire and a property will cost approximately 4.9 million pounds.

2. Essendon

The village of Essendon is located in Hertfordshire approximately 6 miles from Hertford. Essendon is located on the B158 road at an elevation of approximately330 feet above sea level. This provides a beautiful view of the Lea Valley to the north. Most of St Mary’s parish church in Essendon was constructed during the17th and 18th centuries but in fact Essendon is located on an ancient site. Even so the west tower with its eight bells was constructed in the15th century. A property will cost approximately4.95 million pounds.

1. Radlett

In Hertfordshire there is the town of Radlett which has a population of just over 8000. It is in the district of Hertsmere near the M25 motorway. This beautiful town lies in the valley of Tykes Water which is a little stream that runs between the River Colne and Aldenham Reservoir. The entire area is surrounded by the by the Metropolitan Green belt and there is a tremendous amount of development. There are also ongoing negotiations to relax the Green Belt restrictions in order to make more developments possible. Selling you property in 7 days is never easy. Here in this number 1 area,  a property can cost as much as 5,000,000 pounds.