One may say that Beverly Hills exudes a certain amount of glam and glitter. Residences in this area, which range from huge farms to contemporary residences, are expected to exude an air of high-class sophistication. But how exactly does one go about transforming that desire into actual design elements? 

For your Beverly Hills house to be a real California dream, it must have the following five components of style. And if you are planning for your future Beverly Hills home, you can speak to a Beverly Hills real estate agent

Meanwhile, explore the must-have designs in your homes and make them stand out with the list given below!

Smooth flow from inside to outside.

People in California have a strong desire to spend whole years outdoors due to the state’s pleasant climate. This lifestyle needs to be represented in Beverly Hills homes by blending indoor and outdoor spaces seamlessly. 

Beverly Hills real estate
Beverly Hills real estate

The installation of large sliding glass doors that connect living rooms to porches or patios might be of assistance in this regard. You could make your outside patios seem like different living rooms by placing larger rugs on them. This would also help to blur the borders between the various sections that are inside and those that are outdoors. Additionally, creating zones for different activities can further enhance the versatility and appeal of your indoor-outdoor spaces.

Beautiful kitchen haven.

The kitchen is now the center of the home, not just a place to do work. In Beverly Hills, kitchens need to be a mix of high-end practicality and classic style. Think of sleek white cabinets and top-of-the-line tools that are both nice to look at and useful. Do not forget to add warmth, though! 

To keep the area from feeling too clean, add things with different textures, like stone tables or wood accents. Another must-have is a big kitchen bar that is great for meals with friends and family or casual gatherings. 

The art of light and space.

The building in Beverly Hills is beautiful, and the furnishings should match. Light and open design is important to make the most of the California sunshine and make a space feel bigger. Wall lights can be put smartly to help achieve this goal by adding depth and drawing attention away from ceilings that might be too low. 

Choose a color scheme that is mostly gray and add pops of color with art or accent pieces. This lets the natural light move around the room and makes it feel bright and welcoming. 

The glitz and glamour of Hollywood.

There is room for some Hollywood past in Beverly Hills, even though the name itself means modern wealth. You could add a unique piece of art, such as deco furniture or a large piece of antique furniture that makes a statement. This surprising feature gives the place charm and a nod to its rich history. 

Make your oasis unique.

Your Beverly Hills house has to be a reflection of your unique sense of style. Feel free to include elements that resonate with you in your space to make it uniquely yours. The objects that you have in your home, whether it be a cherished piece of artwork or a daring rug that brings the space together, each have a story to tell and help your house seem more like a home.

The use of these five design features will allow you to create a house in Beverly Hills that is both luxurious and cozy. This place is in keeping with the California way of life and allows you to entertain visitors in a dignified manner. It is important to keep in mind that your house is a blank canvas, so do not be afraid to add your personal touches in order to make it seem like it is genuinely yours.